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Purpose of this project

This project was initiated to compare English and Cherokee versions of the New Testament for the self education of vocabulary and basic grammer of the Cherokee language. A secondary goal to be taken upon by ambitious individuals is to transcribe the new testament into an e-text that can be downloaded free of charge.

The images have been parsed into single verse units and are viewed as single chapters loaded onto its own web page. On the first chapter of Matthew, I have transcribed into a UTF-8 font. At this time, it is not gauranteed to appear on all machines. So far, Firefox on Fedora Core 3 is the only known platform to work. Compatibility is something I am working on currently.

Remember, rs this is a translated text, there is a high probability that some verses may not translate well or make perfect grammatical sense. Don't assume this to be the ulitmate reference of the Cherokee language, after all, its not like its a bible or anything like that.

Verse numbers in the syllabrary are omitted. The verse number is obvious from the image. When a substantial portion of the Cherokee New Testament is transcribed, I will write a program to assemble them (with numbers) into a downloadable e-text available from this site.

On September 21, a fire knocked out power at the server site. The site was restored on the 23rd.

We were offline for a while this spring due to somebody reconfiguring the router at work. Took me a while to figure out what they did. In the meantime, I added the entire first book to the site. The second book is half done. None of this is proofread; some of the images are also unreadable. When Granny in OK finds her old CNT book that was printed more clearly, I can proofread these like they should be done. I am still hoping to be done by the end of the year.

Also a cool parallel project, can be found here. Maybe we can share our data...

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